How Much Medium Paid Me for 181,000 Views and 96,000 Reads

What can writers on Medium expect to earn?

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Almost 18 months ago, I published my first story on Medium. Since then, I have written 58 more stories and amassed upwards of 181,000 views, along with 96,000 reads, all from the comfort of my computer.

I’m not gonna toy around and make you wait until the end of the article to tell you how much I have earned during my time on Medium either.

Medium has paid me $1,400.99 in all for my stories.

Without context, this figure might seem astronomically high for some people, or too low for others. Allow me to breakdown my earnings more in-depth:

Breakdown of my earnings

Medium pays writers monthly, based on the performance of their stories. I will get more into how Medium decides to pay their authors later on in this article.

Here is a breakdown of how much Medium has paid me per month:

Out of the $1400 I have earned from Medium:

  • $550 came from one-time bonuses paid to successful writers. I received…



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